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Renting the State Theatre:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I / We can rent the beautiful, historic State Theatre for our special event? Yes, you can! Independent film premieres, birthday parties, pageants, holiday parties, fundraisers, and more happen at the State Theatre every month.
  2. What does it cost? A fee schedule can be found on the Use of Theater page. Prices vary by day and time. We book events in two and a half or three-hour increments, depending on the time of day. The rental times must conform around our first run movie schedule.
  3. Can we bring in outside food? Yes, you may bring in outside food providing the food has been prepared by a commercial kitchen licensed by the Department of Agriculture of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or even have your event professionally catered. If you have your event catered, please note that their arrival, setup and tear-down times must be specified in the rental agreement.
  4. Can we have alcohol at our event? Yes, the State Theatre does have a bar. If you would Iike the bar open, all of the proceeds go to STPS. There will be no discounts on our current bar menu, and no other alcohol can be served. The bar will close one hour after your event starts.
  5. What if we need more light or a sound set-up? If you need more than the ambient house lights or more than our small PA system with two microphones, we suggest you hire a company to provide it, or bring your own. There are numerous companies that you can find online. Please keep in mind that setup and roar-down of any equipment by you or outside companies must be completed within the times specified on your rental agreement.
  6. What if I may need more time? Because we rent the theater out for other events, have other films programmed, and have staff on according to a strict schedule, you must plan your event well and ensure you have enough help to stay within the times specified on the rental agreement. We cannot let you in earlier than the agreement specifies, nor can we hold up other scheduled events if you are running behind. If you run over your allotted time you may be billed $500, or more, for loss of programming on our part.
  7. What movies can we show? If you wish to show a movie you must pay a copyright fee, usually ranging from $250-$350, and you may be required to provide a DVD or Blu-ray copy for projection. We will research titles and book films for you. We are not able to screen any Disney movies. The State Theatre is contracted with Disney to only show first-run movies.
  8. Can we bring balloons and hang up a banner? You can bring balloons, but they must not contain helium. If you need to hang up a banner, please ask our staff to help you. Regular tape ruins our paint, so we use special tape. We also ask that you don’t use confetti or anything we’ll be vacuuming up for months to come. Please note that the balcony is not available for seating.
  9. I see in the agreement that we must help with cleaning, or be charged extra. What does that involve? In order to avoid being charged a cleaning fee you will have to help clean the auditorium of loose cups, spilled popcorn, wid other trash. Liquid spills will need to be mopped. Trash must be carried to our trash cans. If the lobby needs to be vacuumed, be prepared to help with that as well. We can provide all the brooms, bags, mops, and cleaning supplies you need to make the place look great after your event. We’ll take care of the bathrooms, though! Cleaning must also be completed within the timeframe of the rental agreement.
  10. Can we play a CD or perform live music? Just like films, most music is copyrighted and must be cleared prior to playing it publically. For performances, we require that only original music be played (no covers), or that songs be in the public domain, unless you are having a private event.
  11. Do you promote our event? The State Theatre doesn’t promote outside events, unless previously agreed on in the written contract.
  12. Where can we park? There is street parking in areas established by the Borough of Boyertown. There is also parking available in the REAR parking lot of St. John’s Lutheran Church and Good Shepherd UCC. The entrance to the parking lot should be from Walnut Street to the spaces marked ‘Public, Parldng lot violations may be subject to enforcement by the Churches.
  13. How do I book a date? Fill out the form below or call Shannon, our Theatre Manager, directly at 610-721-6993.

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