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White Moscato

A sweet Italian wine known for its tropical fruity notes


Pinto Grigio

A popular grape variety that produces a light, refreshing white wine



Red Moscato

Juicy red cherry and raspberry shimmy with sweet citrus until the last sip


Cabernet Sauvignon

Aromas of mixed berries, herbs, and spice with balanced acidity



Rum & Coke


Vodka & Cranberry





Dogfish 60 Minute IPA


Sam Adams Special


Miller Light


Souvenir Cup

A one-time purchase of a lidded, reusable State Theatre souvenir cup is required. Bring your cup back for future purchases.

Our bar will close one hour after the movie, or event starts.

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61 N Reading Ave, Boyertown

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My all-time favorite movie theater. Although its small, it is super cheap, and the popcorn tastes amazing! I saw Avengers Endgame there, and it was the best movie theater experience of my life!

Mia H

Bally, PA

Avengers Endgame Poster

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