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The Dream into a Reality

To make the dream of acquiring the State Theatre, renovating the interior, and equipping it with a digital projection system (so that we could show movies) a reality, we were blessed with generous support from our local community, organizations, and corporate sponsors.

Running it is a whole other story

Our goal is nothing short of providing a space for our community to encounter, discover, and support the arts. To continue this goal, we need the financial support of passionate arts supporters like yourself to continue this.

Three Ways to support the State

There are three ways you can support the Boyertown State Theatre:

In-Kind Donation

Make a financial donation to us right now and you’ll help us set the stage for this next Phase in the work that we are doing.

Monthly Donation

Consider making a monthly donation to us so that we can consistently know the level of finances that we have coming in. The price of a cup of coffee a month can go a long way to helping us.

Become a Member

Purchasing an annual individual or family membership to the Boyertown State Theatre is a great way to support us while giving yourself a few perks (including a free ticket!).

Come See Us!


61 N Reading Ave, Boyertown

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My all-time favorite movie theater. Although its small, it is super cheap, and the popcorn tastes amazing! I saw Avengers Endgame there, and it was the best movie theater experience of my life!

Mia H

Bally, PA

Avengers Endgame Poster

Top 3 Reasons to Become a Contributing Member:

  1. Support your favorite movie theater!
  2. Get coupons for free tickets!
  3. Get treated like a Rock Star at the movies!