Tom and Jerry – PG

Tom and Jerry get kicked out of their home after an entire destruction of it through all of their slapstick mayhem. After the millionth failed attempt of doing his job as a house cat, Tom gets disowned by his owners and is left without a place to live, as Jerry is also left without a source of food. Now homeless, the cat and mouse duo are left to wander in the streets and decide to call a truce to their rivalry then go their separate ways to have a fresh start in their lives.

Jerry eventually finds shelter within the walls of a large, exquisite and finest hotel in Manhattan NYC that hosts a ton of many events and the latest is the “wedding of the century”, in which he encounters the hotel’s somewhat intimidating deputy general manager named Terrance, who irritably wishes and threatens to exterminate him.

When a girl named Kayla recently gets hired as a new employee to the hotel, she notices Tom trying to find shelter. Her boss approves the idea of bringing the homeless cat into the hotel to do his job as a solution to their pest problem. She joins forces with Tom to stop Jerry’s self-defensive and destructive antics from threatening to ruin a glamorous Indian wedding reception that will later take place in which her employment depends on.

However, it only gives her more attention, as her job may be on the line from a ploy only to end up being fired by her villainous boss who isn’t a fan of Tom as well. Eventually, Kayla, and the cat and mouse duo, all find out about Terrance’s plan in trying to defraud the hotel’s wealthy but aloof owner named DuBros as an attempt to eradicate both Tom, and Jerry, once and for all.

Whether if it’s from a failed solution to its pest problem or from a succeeded solution to its pest problem as upper management begins to skyrocket on a positive note, the cat and mouse duo later realize that they need each other and must put their differences aside by working together to save, what they hope to be, their new home, in order to survive.