The Emperor’s New Clothes – Stage Show

The Talisman Players present: The Emperor’s New Clothes Stage Show

Tickets are $8.00 per person and includes a meet the cast event after the show.

Meet the Cast Saturday will be held at St. John’s Lutheran Church and will include light snacks.

The Meet the Cast Sunday will be held at the State Theatre and will include light snacks.

This story is a translation of a classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen. An Emperor of a city is fond of new clothes. Two imposter weavers enter his city and tell him that they can create a suit for him that would be invisible to people who are unfit to hold their office, or excessively simple. The Emperor orders this suit to be made for him. The weavers pretend to weave this suit but in truth weave nothing at all, and present this fake “invisible” suit to everyone in the city as if it really exists. The Emperor along with all the people who look upon the suit are troubled by what they cannot see, and whether they are inadequate or not. This causes everyone in the city, including the Emperor, to lie and say they can see the suit although in reality they cannot. The Emperor leads a parade through the city in his new suit even though he is actually naked. A child breaks everyone’s delusion by shouting out “the Emperor is not wearing anything at all!”